A quick way to "double-dip" Hilton Honors Points

I've recently found myself staying at Hilton Hotels, typically I'm a Hyatt or SPG guy (Marriott too, now that my SPG Gold matches to Marriott Gold). However, I've had a few weddings to attend in the last few months, and Hilton-flagged hotels have been the most convinient. While reading One Mile at a Time's post about Hilton offering up to triple points, I saw he mentioned something about choosing "points and points". Not knowing what that meant, I did a quick search through my Hilton account preferences to find this so-called "points & points". Now I'm going to tell you how to select this option and earn an additional 5-points per dollar at Hilton, regardless of your status.

Every Hilton Honors member can choose one of two "My Way Earning Styles", you can select either Points & Miles (with a broad selection airline partners) or Points & Points. Selecting Points & Points seems to be the best overall value, but you should run the numbers for yourself and determine your needs.   

The first step is going to the account overview page of your Hilton Honors account. Next, select the "Preferences" option on the left side of the screen, under the My Profile heading. 

When you scroll down you'll see a heading called, MyWay Earning Style Preferences, and a link to change your earning style. Your default earning style is turned off, select Points & Points or Points & Miles and voila, earn more Hilton Honors points or airline miles just like that! 

I did not have this option selected for my first Hilton stay, so I missed out on a solid chunk of points. (Hilton gives away points like candy) Don't be like me, and double-check your MyWay earning style!