Fall/Winter Travel Plans

Well, I'm stuck here in a hot Houston, Texas while Josh is abroad enjoying Oktoberfest beers and exploring France, Germany, and Switzerland. I'm a little jealous of him, so I decided to to check into my currently booked travel for the remainder of the year. 

All my travel at the moment is booked in November, there may be a work trip here or there that gets added into this, but currently my booked travel is as follows: 

Currently booked travel plans

Currently booked travel plans

First up will be Honolulu, my dad and I will be on the final 747 flight and then get a couple of days to spend in Oahu. Being on the last 747 is going to be a really cool experience, and I'm really excited to see what United has in store for this event. I wrote a post covering this trip in more detail last week, so check that one out if you get a chance! 

For the Thanksgiving holiday, my fiance and I will be headed to Vienna, Paris, and Brussels. We'll be traveling on Delta, KLM, and Air France leaving from Houston's Hobby airport connecting in Atlanta and Amsterdam en route to Vienna. We'll have a few days at the Park Hyatt Vienna, and then we'll fly Air France from Vienna to Paris. Our Thanksgiving will be spent in Paris, and we leave from Brussels the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I've never flown KLM, Delta, or Air France, so I'm excited to experience some new airlines; and Schiphol Airport is one of my favorites so connecting there will be nice! 

I'm definitely excited for my upcoming travel plans, I just wish I had more on the docket. How about you all? Any big travel plans coming up?